Misc Games AS
Based in Stavanger, Norway


Founding date:
June 23, 2013




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Fishing North Atlantic

Fishing Barents Sea
Oil Drill

Risses Nuts
Fat Red Hero


Vestre Svanholmen 12
4313 Sandnes


+47 47 51 11 00


Misc Games is a game developer based in Stavanger, Norway. We aims at developing unique games for various niche markets to drive the industry forward.



Our History So Far


Our mobilegame Oil Drill was released 30 November 2013 and this game received quite a lot of attention when it was published on and was ranked as one of the top 5 best games released in 2013 in the Arcade genre. During 2014 we release a few other small mobile games. Since then we have been evolving from 2D games to making 3D games using Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games.

We have since June 2013 been developing our commercial fishing simulator called Fishing: Barents Sea, that was released February 7th, 2018 for PC/Steam. On December 13th 2019 we also launched Fishing: Barents Sea on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

16th October 2020 Fishing: North Atlantic was released, our sequel to Fishing: Barents Sea on PC/Steam/GoG. 30th of June 2021 we also released Fishing: North Atlantic on on XBox One and Playstation 4 and 24th of November 2021 our Enhanced Edition was released on Playstation 5 and XBox Seriex X/S.



Misc Games was founded by Goran Myrland in June 2013 and established as a stock company in 2015. In October 2019, we partnered up with Amplifier Game Invest AB and Embracer Group.

We are today part of a larger group of professional game developers in the nordics. We are working fulltime with 11 passionate and experienced team members, that can bring frutation to any game we put our efforts into.




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Awards & Recognition

  • "Fishing: North Atlantic recieved an Silver award for Best Simulation at NYX 2021" - NYX, 10th May, 2021

  • "Fishing: North Atlantic recieved an award for Best Tech in Spillprisen 2020" - Kavalkaden, 5th March, 2020

  • "Fishing: North Atlantic recieved a Gold Award in Thumb Culture" - Thumb Culture, 28 October, 2020

  • "Fishing: Barents Sea recieved a Gold Award in" -, 8 Februar, 2018

  • "Oil Drill made it to 5th place in Arcade Genre in App Of The Year 2013" -, 31 December, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Become a fisherman in northern Norway"
    - Inga Ragnhild Holst, 

  • "Players need to care for the habitats"
    - Bengt Lemne,

  • "Game developer from Norway hopes to lure players with fishing simulation set in N.S."
    - Paul Withers,

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Goran Myrland
CEO & Game Designer, Misc Games

Yasemin Hamurcu

COO, Misc Games

Martin Schneider
CCO, Misc Games

Nazar Kozak

CTO, Misc Games

David Chang

Lead Programmer, Misc Games

Philip Jones

Senior Gameplay Programmer, Misc Games

Mikael Fossum

Lead 3D Artist, Misc Games

Jorge Ojeda Cortez

3D Artist & Multimedia Designer, Misc Games

Denis Novojilov

Programmer & Sound Designer, Misc Games